RGM2021 Social




Sunday 25th July Team Building Exercise Adventure Rooms Adelaide
Level 4, 51 - 53 Rundle Mall,  16:00 - 17:45pm (5 minutes walk from the Pullman)




Think your team has what it takes to escape?

You and your team will compete against another team in a cat-and-mouse style game.  Each team will assemble in a themed room and will have 30 minutes to complete their mission.  Team A has to escape while Team B has to try and catch them before they escape.  A successful escape  or capture will require you to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles throughout the room.  Teams will have 15 minute break after the first  half and will  return to the rooms in swapped positions, where THE HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED.












Sunday 25th July Social Gathering Level 15 Pullman Balcony 




Meeting Dinner - Monday 26th July East End Cellars 7pm
25 Vardon Avenue, East End (5 minute walk from the Pullman)