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Virtual Event Details

At time when very few conferences are able to proceed, we invite you to avail yourself of over 35 hours of content from the comfort of your office or home in these COVID-19 restricted times. 

When & Where

Anytime, anywhere, delegates will be able to view the all online presentations until 31 December 2020.

The event took place in Sydney in March 2020, but with travel restrictions and social distancing, guest speakers, local experts and speakers of selected abstracts attended and delivered their talks to be recorded for online viewing. 

Why Attend /Aims

The theme of our virtual conference is Evolving Practice for the Next Decade, reflecting the need to integrate the evolving knowledge of disease into our day to day practice”


Delegates can access excellent presentations catering to many sub-specialty interests, including diverse panels, ePosters and an entertaining debate about which sub-specialty will be the coolest in the next decade moderated by Dr David Howard (UK) and included outstanding debaters, including Dr Phillip Chang who was ahead of his time in PPE. 


Other key events are a video session in Plenary 5 in which international and local speakers give a narrated 5min video on surgical techniques of common ENT disorders, from tonsillectomy to eustachian tube dilatation and lateral technique tympanoplasty. There are outstanding rhinoplasty, allergy and sleep sessions.  An international panel of rhinologists, moderated by Prof Richard Harvey discussed management of rhinologic cases.


Keynote International speakers joined Australian and New Zealand speakers in this interactive and educational event, and included:

  • Associate Professor Ntihin Adappa
  • Professor Catherine Birman
  • Professor Howard Francis
  • Professor Natascha Teissier
  • Dr Kathryn Van Abel
  • Professor Tucker Woodson


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This meeting has CPD accreditation from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons which can be used to meet ENT UK and international CPD requirements.



Smith+Nephew have been proud to be associated with the ASOHNS community of surgeons for over 20 years. We appreciate the opportunity to work together once again to help bring this community together, albeit in a virtual setting for the 70th Annual Scientific meeting of the society.

With 18 years and at least 70 peer reviewed publications on COBLATION in adenotonsillectomy, COBLATION technology in ENT procedures has a long history of clinical use.1,2

We are pleased to now introduce the WEREWOLF* COBLATION System and HALO* COBLATION Wand, the only system with an all-in-one device designed for both fine dissection and debulking of tissue in adenotonsillectomy. No other system on the market can offer you this. 

Our CMC portfolio continues to provide surgeons with a variety of dissolvable and removable postoperative nasal dressing for Sinus surgeries whilst the Rapid Rhino* range of products continues to provide comprehensive solutions for the treatment of Epistaxis.

At Smith+Nephew we are proud to be working alongside our Health Care Practitioner colleagues to help provide better patient outcomes.

We are continually striving to add value to our trusted portfolio of ENT products by the support of your community through education and training and are proud to be working with you now to help support this meeting.

*Trademark of Smith & Nephew. ©2020 Smith & Nephew. All rights reserved.
  1. Smith+Nephew 2017. Coblation Dissection Versus Monopolar Dissection - A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis P/N 91999 Rev. A.
  2. Temple RH, Timms MS. Paediatric coblation tonsillectomy. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology. 2001;61(3):195-198.




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Products in the Nasal Care area:

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  • NASALATE Antiseptic and decongestant cream to help treat nasal vestibulitis
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The FULL HD system from KARL STORZ is modular in design and can, therefore, be optimally adapted to suit various requirements. This modular design principle makes it easier to expand the system and guarantees a high degree of future-proofing. Various IMAGE1 S™-Technologies enable surgeons to modify the endoscopic image through homogeneous illumination or by increasing the dynamic contrast. In addition, color hue shifting makes it easier to differentiate between tissue types.
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70th Anniversary ASOHNS ASM Virtual Conference

1 May 2020 to 31 December 2020

Virtual Conference

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