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Query re Second Looks after Canal Up Mastoidectomy for Cholesteatoma

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Prof. Ron Gristwood forwarded an email from Prof. Jacob Slade, his colleague in Israel. Below is an extract of an inquiry from Prof. Slade : (QUOTE) From: Jacob Sade Email: To: Ron Gristwood Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2009 2:13 PM Dear Ron, I was very pleased last year to receive a letter from you and to learn that you are well. I also liked and enjoyed very much your two papers on otosclerosis. I wonder if I could trouble you on the following: I am due to open a discussion on Second Looks after Canal Up Mastoidectomy for Cholesteatoma and wonder how many surgeons actually do it routinely. As a "rule" I thought that this is performed more frequently in the US than in Europe (since Jim Sheehy advocated it long ago)-but I have not seen anything in writing that will indicate that this is really so. May I trouble and ask you whether you yourself perform routinely Second Looks?-and would you happen to know what the situation regarding this is in the Australian "Otological Community"-I realize that in a way this is an impossible question. (UNQUOTE)

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