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Assessment Procedures

Trainees should be aware that continuation on a training program is contingent upon satisfactory performance throughout each training period.

  1. Completion of an End of Term Assessment (EOTA) and Logbook must be undertaken, by every trainee undergoing clinical training, at the end of each six month rotation for SET 1 – SET 5. At the discretion of supervisors, a Mid-Term Assessment (MTA) form should also be completed and submitted with the EOTA form at the end of each semester. Additional assessments may be undertaken more frequently at the request of the Board, or at any time as determined by the supervisor when a deficiency is identified.
  2. Each semester trainees must download the latest version of all assessment forms from the ASOHNS website. Therefore trainees must ensure they have an active ASOHNS username and password.
  3. EOTA, Logbook, MTA (where applicable) and relevant supporting forms must be signed by both the trainee and surgical supervisor, to be presented to the RTS Chair for signing at the end of each Semester. Trainees must ensure that the originals and a copy of all forms are provided to the RTS Chair along with a Reply Paid ASOHNS envelope so the RTS Chair can forward the original forms to ASOHNS.
  4. Electronic or faxed copies of assessment forms are NOT acceptable unless specifically agreed to by your RTS Chair for this assessment only. Trainees are responsible for providing proof of this agreement to ASOHNS.
  5. Trainees must include with their assessment forms: (a) copies of certificates or invoices for courses attended; (b) an accumulative leave form; and (c) a personal details form if contact information has changed.
  6. Trainees are entirely responsible for submitting the EOTA, Logbook and MTA (where applicable) forms to the RTS Chair in sufficient time, so that they can be forwarded to ASOHNS within the prescribed period.
  7. Forms must be lodged at ASOHNS / NZSOHNS no later than four weeks after completion of each semester. Specific dates can be found on the ASOHNS website.
  8. Penalties will apply for incorrect or outstanding forms unless there are extenuating circumstances. The period of training may not be accredited.
  9. Trainees are responsible for retaining copies of all training documentation for their own personal record.
  10. ASOHNS will acknowledge receipt or rejection of forms within 48 hours of receipt by SMS.


If trainees receive an unsatisfactory report, in any area:

  • The report must be discussed by the Board.
  • Contingent on the outcome of discussions the period under review may be not accredited.
  • Actions may be commenced for counselling and dismissal.
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